Real estate valuations and insights

Get instant and accurate Property Valuations and Predictive Analytics with our AI and Big Data tools. And make smart decisions faster.

Technology will transform

the real estate market

We thought that property valuations should be done instantly and cheaply. So we harnessed the power of machine learning to objectively assess the current price of residential real estate and take a look into the future to forecast how prices will change. And we started OREEVA to help you do it, too!

Machine Learning is a Game Changer

for real estate analytics

Unlike standard statistical methods, machine learning can process millions upon millions of data points to accurately estimate property values. Machine learning understands and correlates relationships in the data, which statistical methods, by their nature, cannot do. Such a capability enables OREEVA to provide you with truly objective valuations, instantly, and at a fraction of the usual cost.

Building Something Brilliant

Our sophisticated tools process 50 million data points from more than 20 different sources

Your Suite of Solutions

Our tailored products will meet your needs

Automatic Valuation Tool (AVM)

Accurately estimate the value of property or instantly perform mass appraisals with our Automatic Valuation Tool, which utilises machine learning to process huge, unstructured datasets with ease

Market Analytics Dashboard

Forecast property prices for up to 3 years, assess risk and discover unique insights into the real estate market. Our Market Analytics Dashboard puts it all within reach via your desktop tool or API

Customised Solutions and Projects

Not every product works for everyone, and the same is true with ours. Contact us, so we can discuss your unique requirements. We'll tailor a solution that fits your needs and your budget

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